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National Security Clearances Kindle Edition

kindle-national-security-clearenceInterested in learning more about the National Security Clearance process…
Attorney Edmunds’ book is now available on Kindle! Click on the book to download this great resource for only $9.95 or visit: National Security Clearances (kindle)

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National Security Clearances Paperback Edition

National Security ClearanceThis is the only guide you will need to get a security clearance and keep it! Written by one of the country’s most successful attorneys, this step by step guide is written in easy to understand terms and includes a valuable resource reference to contact different government agencies about your clearance.
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Security Clearance Applications: SF86/85 Avoiding Mistakes, Paperback Edition

Security Clearance ApplicationsThis book is a uniques contribution by a nationally recognized attorney providing the reader with a tremendous amount of information to navigate the security clearance application process. Not only does this book alert you to the common errors made by many applicants in the process but it also explains in detail the strategy that is used to understand the concerns of governmental agencies.
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