Denied Security Clearance – Guideline F (Financial Concerns)

The DoD has used the financial problems in an applicant’s past as the most common allegation for suspending and removing a Security Clearance. The Directive 5220.6 under Guideline F has become the most popular basis from denial of a persons Security Clearance. Attorney Alan Edmunds, this country’s leading Security Clearance Lawyer, has successfully defended hundreds of these cases across the country.

Attorney Edmunds has repeatedly argued the mitigating factors to win a favorable decision for his clients. The issue of preparation is key to success according to Attorney Alan Edmunds. Often applicants are simply not prepared for the Hearing and they lose their case.

Alan Edmunds appears on every case with a Hearing Notebook and has already served the gov’t attorney and the Judge with hundreds of pages of exhibits. Attorney Edmunds cases appear on the DOHA web site for review. He has often been referred to as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney” in the country. The second issue that Alan Edmunds hits hard in the courtroom is preparation of witnesses. Many times applicants who earn denied security clearance bring witnesses to a Hearing who are not prepared. Their testimony actually hurts the applicant case instead of helping.

There are many steps that an applicant can take to improve their chances for success. In fact Guideline F cases require the most preparation. The legal team at The Edmund Law Firm know how to win. Our motto is “win the case, save a job, save a job and save a career.” Attorney Edmunds is in the business of “saving careers”.

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Recent Favorable Decision

Arlington, VA
Guideline F: Financial Concerns
Favorable Decision Following Hearing

The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing on a National Security Clearance case. The allegations included failure to timely file tax returns for 3 years and failure to pay taxes.

The Applicant is 38 years old, married and has 2 children. He served in the military and was honorably discharged. He works as a Federal contractor overseas and had difficulty receiving his mail due to travel.

Attorney Alan Edmunds represented the Applicant at the Hearing and introduced exhibits A thru U at the trial. Testimony was also taken. Attorney Edmunds argued the “whole person concept” in the applicant’s defense to the gov’t allegations. The judge was persuaded by Mr. Edmunds arguments, the testimony of the applicant and the exhibits and found that it was clearly consistent with the national interest to grant the clearance.

The applicant kept his job and his career. Attorney Edmunds has helped both Active Duty Military and Civilian contractor clients around the globe with Security Clearance Appeals. Clients call Alan Edmunds, the Best Security Clearance Lawyer in the country. Call 800.481.2526 or visit

Department of Hearing And Appeals (DOHA) Hearing
GUIDELINES E and F (Personal Conduct & Financial Considerations)
San Diego, California

A Contractor working as an Electrical Engineer for the U.S. Government received a Statement of Reasons for Financial issues and Personal Conduct issues. The financial debt total was over $170,000.00. The Personal Conduct Issue was falsifying the e-QIP, by failing to disclose debt. The Applicant requested a Hearing in front of an Administrative Judge. At the hearing, Mr. Edmunds presented numerous exhibits and mitigating documents which were crucial to the case. As a result, the Contractor received a favorable Security Clearance Determination. The knowledge and experience of Mr. Edmunds and his staff were crucial in providing the mitigating documents that were necessary to win this case. The Edmunds Law Firm saved this Contractor’s Security Clearance, and most importantly, the Contractor’s career was saved thanks to Mr. Edmunds and his professional staff.

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