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The Edmunds Law Firm can help with the entire spectrum of National Security Clearance issues. Already a complex and specialized field of law, today’s security climate has created more difficulty in obtaining (and retaining) a National Security Clearance. Over the past thirty years The Edmunds Law Firm has been effective on many challenging cases; particularly for individuals who have initially been denied a National Security Clearance, and has earned a national reputation for success.

Keep Your Security Clearance

All stages of Security Clearance matters are handled at The Edmunds Law Firm and at any location across the United States.

  • Initial Consultation – From $95
  • Investigation Preparation – From $165
  • SF 86 Review – From $195
  • Response to SF 86 or LOI – From $865
  • Polygraph Preparation – From $210
  • Hearings all Agencies – From $2,650
  • Appeals – From $1,465
  • Appellate Briefs to Board of Appeals – From $1,395

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At Any Point in the Process

We assist applicants throughout the entire National Security Clearance process, including:

  • Initial consultation and preparation of the SF86 application
  • Response to the Statement of Reasons
  • Hearing preparation
  • Appeals from adverse decisions
  • Retaining a National Security Clearance that is being reviewed

Contact The Edmunds Law Firm for National Security Clearance representation. No matter the clearance issue or difficulty you are facing, or if you simply need top-notch legal counsel as you apply for a security clearance, contact the National Security Clearance Attorneys at our law firm to arrange a private consultation today.

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