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The Edmunds Law Firm helps people across the United States with security clearance applications and problems. Mr. Edmunds is a California Security Clearance Lawyer but also a National Security Clearance Lawyer who appears before numerous federal agencies across the U.S.

Mr Edmunds appears often before DOHA and NSA Hearing panels and judges. Case results are posted each week on our web sites. Apart from Hearings, Mr. Edmunds is available for consults concerning SF 86 applications, polygraph questions, and interview preparation.

Mr. Edmunds is recognized as one of the leading security clearance denial lawyers in the country. His experience is a huge benefit for his clients. Often, experience makes the difference. His military clearance experience is unique as he has helped active duty military in all branches of the service.

If your case is before DOHA,NSA,DIA, CIA,FBI or DOE call Mr. Edmunds today. 800 481 2526

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