OCT 10, 2014

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision on an Administrative Security Clearance Hearing that was tried by Attorney Alan Edmunds for the Firm. Attorney Edmunds has a global reputation for success in helping both civilian and military clients who have received notice of a denied National Security Clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast and appears in formal security clearance hearings in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

This case involved a woman who was denied for using marijuana on 2 occasions, and also used marijuana while possessing a security clearance.

The case was very aggressively fought by the gov’t atty. Mr. Edmunds introduced evidence and called witnesses showing that the concerns of the gov’t were mitigated. This was a case that Mr. Edmunds was proud to have been involved with because of the outstanding work performance of his client and her
sincere testimony in court.

If you have an Appeal for a Security Clearance matter call Mr. Edmunds. His experience and record of success is an important advantage ! Call 800 481 2526