MAY 9, 2017

Attorney Alan Edmunds received notice of a favorable decision following a Formal Security Clearance Hearing involving allegations of excessive alcohol consumption. The applicant was a 39-year-old training development specialist for a defense contractor. The applicant had a DWI in 2002, 2008. Testimony was taken and he was diagnosed as an alcohol abuser.

Attorney Alan Edmunds, this country’s leading Security Clearance Lawyer, introduced 8 exhibits at the Hearing. Testimony was taken at the Hearing and the attorney made oral argument. Attorney Alan Edmunds argued the mitigating factors on behalf of his client.

The court used the “whole person concept” in its analysis. This was an argument that Attorney Edmunds made at the Hearing. The court founds that a reoccurrence was unlikely and found that the Applicant had established that he was reliable and trustworthy and could exercise good judgment going forward. The security clearance was granted.

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JAN 12, 2017

The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision following a Formal Hearing in Bloomington, Indiana at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The Hearing included allegations of alcohol abuse alleging 2 separate DUI convictions.

The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping clients with Military Security Clearance cases for over 40 years. Attorney Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading Security Clearance Attorney appearing at Formal Hearing, Response to SOR, and Appeals of Security Clearances.

Attorney Scott Neinas appeared for the Firm in this case. Attorney Neinas traveled from the Firm’s West coast office. During the Hearing Attorney Neinas called witnesses, offered into evidence documents and argued the case before the Administrative judge. Had the client lost this case he would have not only lost his clearance but also his job which he had for over ten years.

The President, Personnel Security Appeals Board stated:
“As a result of its review, the PSAB will direct the Dod CAF to reinstate your eligibility for access to classified information…”

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