Department of Defense
January 27, 2017
Guideline H: Drug Involvement
Guideline E: Personal Conduct
Arlington, VA

The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision from DOHA which is reported on their official web site for review. Attorney Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading attorney in the area of national security clearance matters and helps both Active Duty Military and Civilian Contractors and Employees around the globe.

This case involved a 33 years old Applicant with a high school education. The SOR alleges that Applicant  used cocaine and further alleges that Applicant falsified information on his EQUIP.  The government admitted 5 exhibits and the Applicant through his attorney Alan Edmunds admitted 10 exhibits. Attorney Alan Edmunds also called one witness plus the Applicant.

Attorney Edmunds presented very strong evidence that Applicant suffered from PTSD and that this impacted his behavior. The mental health issue of this prior military member was compelling. Another issue that Attorney Edmunds developed in the trial was the “whole person concept.”

The judge concluded after review of the evidence and consideration of testimony and the comments of Attorney Alan Edmunds, “that Applicant has mitigated drug involvement and personal conduct security concerns.”

Alan Edmunds is an incredible attorney who is passionate about his clients case and presentation of evidence at trial. He is known as “The DOHA ATTORNEY” because he represents so many clients across the country at DOHA Hearings. His staff of professionals also does Responses to SOR, FOIA Requests, Security Clearance Appeals and Military Security Clearances. Call 800.481 2526.for immediate assistance with your case.

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