Attorney Appeals Top Security Clearance Case

A security clearance attorney is investigating a case involving a western Pennsylvania Egyptian scientist whose top security clearance was revoked by the Department of Energy. In 2007 Moniem El-Ganayni was fired from Bettis Laboratory after being declared a security risk. His attorney is now appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of his lawsuit against the department.

Security Clearance Appeal

El-Ganayni was a Bettis Laboratories employee since 1990. The company, which makes nuclear warship parts, requires its employees to have top security clearance. After years of working for the company and maintaining a security clearance, El-Ganayni’s attorney states he is entitled to know why his clearance was revoked.

(Source: FOX News)

Bettis Laboratory

Bettis Laboratory is a key player in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. Employees are responsible for conducting research to develop advanced materials, chemistry controlled environments and components for improved Navy nuclear technology. They are also responsible for applying theoretical knowledge and testing systems and components to be installed on Navy ships and submarines.

Security Clearance Forms

Due to the nature of the job, Bettis Laboratory requires that all employees pass a top security clearance. Employees are also subject to a Federal Background investigation. There are several factors that come into play during a national security clearance. If there is any doubt that the applicant may not be trustworthy, he or she will be denied access. Employees are at risk of losing their security clearance should they be deemed a risk.