DECEMBER 5, 2016


This case was very special to Attorney Alan Edmunds who took it to trial in Norfolk, VA – back in Sept 2016. Our client was a woman who battled the most tremendous calamities imaginable  and kept her family and marriage together. Throughout this entire time her work performance was outstanding.

Applicant and her husband filed 2 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy’s for  $319 K and $294 K. The first was paid off and the second was nearly paid off at the time of trial. The couple had experienced periods of unemployment, near death medical emergency, coma, reduced income and over nine hospitalizations which Attorney Edmunds proved with documents and testimony.

Fighting family medical problems of heart failure, blood pressure, depression and diabetes, the applicant kept it together and saved her marriage and family ! Attorney Alan Edmunds introduced 100’s of pages of evidence and took testimony from four witnesses plus the applicant herself.

The favorable decision was a finding that the applicant had mitigated the gov’t concerns. She kept her job and her clearance.

Attorney Alan Edmunds loves to help people across the United States with their Security Clearance Appeals – he is often referred to as “The DOHA Attorney” or “The DOHA Lawyer“, because he does more DOHA cases on a national basis than most other attorney’s in the entire country. In fact the official govt site at DOHA shows how many cases he has tried and won as well as any other lawyer in the country.

If you need a Response to SOR, or have to Appeal a Security Clearance decision or simply want SF 86  Consult, – call Alan Edmunds at 800 481 2526 for guidance. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices in Calif, Florida and North Carolina. Attorney Edmunds appears in Washington, D.C. and Texas more often than most other attorneys. His Firm offers flexible payment plans and quotes flat fees which clients trust and prefer. The Firm helps clients with cases before DOE, CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, NRO and Dept of State – just to name a few.

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