The presidential bid by Donald Trump has raised several security clearance issues. There are those who tried to suggest he not receive national security clearance briefings prior to the election. Attorney Alan Edmunds, this country’s leading security clearance lawyer has been asked, what some of the concerns might be.

The Directive DoD 5220.6 that is used in security clearance applications by several government agencies has Guidelines that could raise a concern with Mr. Trump. Guideline B of the Directive according to Attorney Edmunds raises a possible concern in that the issue of Foreign Influence is an important government concern. Mr. Trump’s current wife Melania is Slovenian born and became a U.S. citizen 2006. If Melania still has relatives in a foreign country or owns property in a foreign country this could trigger a government concern.

Another concern raised in the directive is Guideline F: Financial Considerations In this Guideline the government would inquire into indebtedness, history of meeting financial obligations to determine if an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness is a concern.

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