The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing at DOHA in a national security clearance matter. Attorney Alan Edmunds handled this contested Hearing. The case involved over 16 debts that the applicant had that arose from a difficult period in his life. Attorney Edmunds introduced evidence including numerous documents and testimony which the judge found to be sufficient to mitigate the gov’t concerns.

This case was special due to the large number of debts! Attorney Alan Edmunds had a strategy for the clients dilemma of passed due debts. The Hearing was very contested and the gov’t attorney was very aggressive in their cross examination of the applicant. The case is posted on the DOHA web site for your review.

Mr. Edmunds has often been referred to as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney” in the Country by clients. There is no question Mr Edmunds fights hard for his clients. If you need help or have questions call Attorney Alan Edmunds at 800 481 2526