The Edmunds Law Firm has proven to be the leader in national security clearance representation according to client endorsements. Attorney Alan Edmunds and his staff of aggressive attorneys help deployed clients in the military and civilian contractors around the globe fight the gov’t too keep their security clearances. The official gov’t site – DOHA tells the story. Attorney Alan Edmunds has appeared in over 580 security clearance cases around the world in the last 4 years. Clients can actually type in his name or any other atty name and see the truth ! This is a secret that many other people don’t want the public to know.

With The Edmunds Law Firm our clients in the Middle East, Europe and Asia can choose to appear at the Hearing via VTC, Personally from location or in the United States. Attorney Edmunds can travel to the client location for convenience as well. WE also offer our clients different locations in the United States depending on their home of record and witness location.

On any given week our attorney’s are appearing in a number of cities across the United States. Thus far this week Alan Edmunds appeared in Boston for national security clearance cases and Ryan Nerney appears today in Seattle for security clearance cases as well. Our lawyers know both the gov’t attys and the Judges /Hearing Officers  that preside over all Agency Hearings including DOHA, DOE, NSA, DIA, NRO and CIA. Our experience is a huge benefit for clients. No attorney can promise a victory but the Edmunds Law Firm can promise consistency and outstanding customer service.

If you have concerns about Response to SOR/LOI; Security Clearance Appeal; Security Clearance Hearings  or SF 86 –  Call today 800 481 2526 and let’s talk about your case or provide guidance. You may also visit us at  Your career is important – -let us protect it for you !! Remember “Experience makes the Difference.”

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