Finding the right lawyer who is qualified to handle your case is very difficult if you consider the numerous attorney and law firm web pages. So many lawyers inflate their claims of experience. Who is “ The Best Security Clearance Lawyer” or who can really handle a “Response to SOR” ?

There is a very clear and irrefutable gov’t source that presents attorney experience in a very accurate and honest manner. All of the hype from attorneys who say they have experience but don’t is revealed clearly on the DOHA gov’t web site. Once on the site you can review all of the attorneys who have had Hearings and actually see what attorneys are experienced and those that are not. Just type in their name on the search line.

The results are shocking. And the results tell a clear picture of who you should trust with your job and career if you are Appealing a Security Clearance Denial. Some lawyers that say they are “experts”, actually have very little courtroom experience according to the DOHA web site.In fact many law firms entire attorney experience including all of their lawyers is less than that of Alan Edmunds alone !!   Simply enter the name of the lawyer you are interested in and see the actual level of his experience. Why spend money on a lawyer who can’t win or doesn’t go to court very often?

Attorney Alan Edmunds ( Alan V. Edmunds) of the Edmunds Law Firm has over 558 Hearings entered on the DOHA web site as of Oct 28,2016. He is one of the most experienced lawyers in the entire country in national security clearance matters.

Once you have the information from the DOHA web site confront the lawyer who had mislead you and ask them why they make false claims. Take it a step further and consider if you want them “in your corner” or do you want an attorney who travels the country saving jobs and careers and has the data from the gov’t web site to prove it.

The Edmunds Law Firm knows how important your job is to you and your family. WE will not mislead a client about our experience or success. Its all a matter of public record yet some lawyers hide this fact or won’t mention the DOHA site to perspective clients. They perhaps don’t want you to know the truth.

If you need a security clearance lawyer call Attorney Alan Edmunds today. The consult is free and experience of talking to one of the country’s leading attorneys is invaluable. Mr. Alan V. Edmunds has been called. ” the best security clearance” lawyer”.The Firm has offices coast to coast and has weekend appointments. Call 800.481.2526 or visit for more information. And while you are on our sites read the “bio” of Alan Edmunds.

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