Attorney Alan Edmunds, one of this country’s Best Security Clearance Lawyers, has been in the courts on several Foreign Influence and Foreign Preference cases involving clients who live with or date foreign nationals. On several cases our client lives with a Foreign National who has applied for or received their citizenship. The problem however is not over. If the Foreign National has relatives still in a foreign country the DoD will move against the security clearance holder.

us-flagThese cases can be won however they require extensive mitigation. The foreign country involved is also a serious concern. Attorney Alan Edmunds has represented clients with this problem for country’s around the world. His success has been reported on gov’t web sites and on the law firm security clearance sites. The case reviews are posted for perspective clients to learn about Attorney Edmunds and his dedication to his clients.

Mr. Edmunds introduces evidence and favors the use of witnesses. In fact his case victories all involve strong witness testimony. Alan Edmunds personally prepares both clients and witnesses for trial. Call 800.481.2526 if you have questions about your clearance. If you need a Response to SOR, an Appeal to Security Clearance Denial or representation at a Hearing – call Alan Edmunds. His Firm has offices in California, Florida and North Carolina.