NOV 28, 2016

Well – it has happened again and the results are devastating. I received a call this morning from an employee who waived their right to a Hearing before DOHA and submitted a written response to an Admin Judge who ruled against Clearance being granted.

AS many of you know I represent clients around the globe on Security Clearance Hearings. The best chance to win an appeal is at the Formal Hearing. Generally speaking our clients do much better when they can speak directly to the Judge and answer questions. Written Responses that waive your right to a Hearing are very tough to win. The result is devastating because both job and career can be lost.

The problem is not with the Judge but rather with the written response that is prepared by the applicant and sent to the court. When applicants do a Response on their own it is often incomplete and totally misses important evidence that must be filed with the court. Attorney Alan Edmunds of the Edmunds Law Firm is one of the most experienced DOHA lawyers in the country. He has clients both Active Duty and Civilian not only across the United States but around the globe. Attorney Edmunds represents clients deployed in the military and civilian contractors including linguists in the Middle East and Africa. His success in the courtroom is legendary – he is aggressive and passionate about his clients cases. Call 800 481 2526 for answers and immediate help.

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