If you received a Statement of Reasons (SOR), you are pretty down in the dumps. Your security clearance is at risk of being denied or revoked. When you receive a Statement of Reasons, they will let you know exactly what is bothering them about giving you your security clearance. There are 13 different Guidelines. The Department of Defense (DOD) divided up their problems with your life into 13 neat categories all labeled with a letter. One of those problems fits in a category called Guideline C.

What do Guideline C Concerns Mean?

It means that the DOD is concerned you may prefer another country over America. I know it is hard to believe that any country is favorable to USA, but use your imagination. The DOD’s Guideline C concerns are that you will prefer a foreign country so much that your decision making will be compromised.

What Raises Guideline C Concerns?

  • having dual citizenship;
  • Exercising said citizenship by participating in their military, accepting benefits from them, holding office there, or voting in a foreign election;
  • Residing in a foreign country to gain citizenship;
  • Protecting your business or finances through a foreign country;
  • Trying to get foreign citizenship in any way;
  • Any statement or action that shows foreign preference;

What can I do about it if the DOD raises Guideline C issues?
In addition to calling a well-trained Security Clearance attorney, like those at the Edmunds Law firm, you can mitigate the allegations.

“How can I mitigate my dual citizenship?” you ask. You can show that the only reason you have it was because of your parent’s citizenship or because you were born in a foreign country. You could denounce your foreign citizenship. You could destroy your foreign passport. I mean, how bad do you want this clearance?

“How can I mitigate my exercise of foreign citizenship?” you ask. You might show that all that foreign nonsense took place before you became a US citizen or when you were a kid. If possible, it would be great if the US Government encouraged you to vote in the foreign election.

If Guideline C concerns are getting you down, don’t delay, call EDMUNDS LAW FIRM today and get the help you need before your security clearance gets revoked or denied.