Do not wait! Do not wait! Do not wait to get a security clearance lawyer! Can I make it any clearer? When you need security clearance, the process starts with you being asked to fill out a Standard Form 86 (SF86). If you are on this site, you may have already seen this ungodly document. It is seventeen pages long and it is going to ask you about every aspect of your life. If my livelihood depended upon this one seventeen page document, you know what I would do? Get a security clearance lawyer.

Why do I need a Security Clearance lawyer?

First off they are going to instruct you on some basics of filling out the forms. These are kindergarten level; yet, many miss step and fail at this simple task.

  1. Complete your SR86 accurately.
  2. Complete your SR86 fully.
  3. Complete your SR86 truthfully.

Even at this basic level, having a security clearance lawyer there to read over your SR86 is invaluable to your accuracy, your completeness, and your honesty. The problem is that you don’t want to read this monster carefully. You just want it to be done. You just want this entire investigation to be done. Your security clearance lawyer has read t his document more times than they would like to admit and knows it inside and out. They can help you.

What happens if I don’t get a security clearance lawyer up front?

Sometimes nothing happens. However, if you mess up, even once, and don’t provide enough information or don’t state information in a particular way, you are going to wind up having to defend a Statement of Reasons (SOR). To be honest, you may have to anyway…lawyers aren’t gods…even though they would like to think so sometimes. That SOR lists reasons why you should have gotten a security clearance lawyer in the first place. They are reasons why your security clearance is not going through.  Don’t wait until you are handed your SOR, do the right thing, protect your livelihood to the best of your ability, and hire a good, seasoned security clearance lawyer to assist you in your SF86. The attorneys at Edmunds Law Firm fit that bill!